Switch from Orbi to Eero...one eero + one beacon sufficient?

I am currently using an Orbi setup (RBK30 - Base router + one satellite) and it covers my home really well w/high speed connection, but the connection is not stable/reliable enough (drops of internet connectivity and sometimes the entire Wi-Fi network). 

Current setup is router in office (closer to one end of the home) and beacon in hallway leading to bedrooms (at the farther end of the house).  W/the Orbi I'm well covered in this setup in bedrooms at one end of house (near beacon) and family room in the other end (near router). 

I think I'd like to switch to Eero, and was wondering if the same router/single beacon setup I use above w/the Orbi will work well in my home w/Eero.  

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    • txgunlover
    • 5 yrs ago
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    I also just switched from a 3 unit RBK50 to a 3 unit Eero Pro + 1 beacon for my 4500 sq feet.  Depending on the distance between the Eero and the Beacon it might be enough or you might want 2 Pro's instead of a Pro and a Beacon.

      • Danabw
      • 5 yrs ago
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      txgunlover Thanks. So sounds like I'll need a system w/more units, or a pro system to match up w/the coverage I get w/the two Orbi units. 

      Appreciate the info, thanks. 

    • The_Pathfinder
    • 5 yrs ago
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    I went from the RBK53 ORBI with a router and 2 satellites to the eero Pro WiFi System, I have better coverage and greater speed. The eero system was a breeze to setup and I have experienced ZERO problems. 

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